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EPW Pictures

Mitey Mite Chant 2016

Junior Pee Wee Cheer 2016

Tiny Mite Cheer 2016

Junior Varsity Cheer 2016

Mitey Mite Cheer 2016

Tiny Mite Cheer 2016

Tiny Mite 2016

Cheer 2016

Junior Pee Wee Team 2016

Mitey Mite Team 2016

2015 Tiny Mites

2015 Tiny Mites

2015 Mitey Mite Mascot

2015 Jr Pee Wee's

2014 Jr Pee Wee Football

Allen Morris-Mitey Mites

Get off me!!

Reed Wilson sprinting for a TOUCHDOWN!!!!


Trey Morris

Cheerleaders doing it right at the GA Dome!!!

Knights vs Falcons at the GA Dome!!!

2014 Tiny Mite Cheerleaders

Mitey Mites celebrating Victory against Harlem

Ryan, Todd & Pierce-JPW 2014

Mitey Mites-Allen, James & Ian

Pierce Tharin & Tyler Churchill

Mitey Mites at the Georgia Dome

Get it!!!

Go Girls!!!!

2014 Mitey Mite Captains-Victory vs Lakeside

Brock Logan against Harlem

Coaching up the JPW Team Moms

Tiny Mite Cheerleaders 2014

Run Pierce Run!!!

Pre Game Festivities at the Georgia Dome